The Task

The Task
The Process


Dividing Up the Work

Step 1: Cultural Awareness

To begin the task, each group member should pick a tribe they are interested in to do independent research. Depending upon the size of the class each member should do their own research on the tribe by copying and pasting the questions from the "Culture Awareness Sheet" into a Microsoft Word document so that you can also answer and save the questions in the same document. Depending upon the number of group members, this could step could be done by groups of 2 or 3 individuals with each member doing some research for the tribe chosen.

Step 2: Identifying Needs and Possible Solutions/Outreach Avenues

If they haven't already, the group should now divide into teams of 3-4 members per team. Each team should review the research done by each member or member group on the tribe of their choice to become familiar with the tribe. After reviewing all of the tribes, the team should pick one of the tribes to focus on.

Once the team has decided on the tribe of focus, they should then proceed to identifying needs of the tribe more thoroughly, begin coming up with possible solutions to meeting a tribes' needs, particularly physical needs. They should also identify possible tribal/mission contacts that can help facilitate the process. Additionally, the team should identify each team member roles and divide up the tasks based on team member capabilities and gifts.

Step 3: Planning, Organizing, Funding, and Preparing for the Mission Outreach

Once the team has identified needs, they should begin the planning out the steps of how to meet the needs identified, the cost involved, decide if it's a long-term or short-term type outreach or both, how the outreach will be funded, and what they need to do to prepare for the outreach or implement it using the Outreach Planning Template and reviewing various online resources on planning mission outreach.

Step 4: Develop a Presentation of Proposed Mission Outreach to the Native American Tribe of Your Choice

Each team should develop a presentation of their proposed Mission Outreach to the Native American Tribe of their choice. The deliverables required as part of this WebQuest are presented in "The Process."

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