Cultural Awareness Worksheet



Each Tribe Folder should contain the following information on your selected tribe. To print form, select "Print" under "File" on your browser menu at the top. You should also copy and paste this into a Microsoft Word document for reporting to the group.


Tribe________________________________Date Due____________________


What part of North American is your tribe located?

What are the characteristics of this region, for example are there mountains, woods, ocean or deserts?

What is the climate like (hot and dry; cold and wet)?

Does the region have a growing season?


What is their language? Do they share a common language with other tribes?


What type of food does your tribe eat? Are there any special dishes they are known for?

How did they get their food in the past (were they hunters, gatherers, farmers)?

How do they get their food now? What kind of occupations do they work at?

Did their food differ according to the seasons?


What type of clothing did the members of your tribe wear?

What did women wear?

What did men wear?

What do they wear now?

Did they have different clothing for different seasons?

Did they have clothes for special occasions or ceremonies?


What type of homes did the members of your tribe live in?

What were the homes made from?

Were these temporary or permanent homes?

Did their dwellings depend on the season? How?

What types of homes do they live in now? Do they live on a reservation?


What types of transportation did they use in the past, before modern cars/trucks?

Did they need to travel from place to place? Why or why not?

What types of transportation do the tribe members use now?

Arts and Crafts:

What are some examples of the arts and crafts of this culture?

What natural resources were used in creating the arts and crafts?

Interesting Facts:

What facts or interesting piece of information have you discovered about your tribe?

What are some of their ceremonies and/or customs? What are their religious beliefs?

Special Needs and Who Is Serving Them Now:

Are there any special needs that your tribe appears to have? Do they need clean water? Do they need a church? Do they need youth programs? Do they need a neighborhood playground or gym?Document any possible needs you can identify.

Are there any churches or organizations serving your tribe now? What are they doing to help the community? What does their outreach program cover? Are they open to partnerships with other churches/organizations


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